Central district open mats ?

Dublin Coffman's open mats (Thursdays at 6 pm) have picked up some steam in the last two weeks. They'll continue to hold them every Thursday evening from 6:00-7:30.


Thanks for the info guys.

How's the numbers at Gahanna and Whitehall on Sunday's

Is Coffman going to keep going on Thursday's once school starts?



We made the drive to Marysville tonight(n) for open mats. Nobody around, just girls volleyball. Folks should disregard that tweet about openmats. I think most of those schools shut it down .

I checked the Marysville twitter and inside the circle and many others didn't see anything about it being canceled.

Oh well the city of Marysville looks great it's growing quick and has all the stores and restaurants that all that other big cities have.


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What weight class are you looking for? I know at Bexley, we have our 113/120 and two coaches showing up most Mondays. I am interested to know how Gahanna and Whitehalls open mats are? Are they open to the public?


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Dublin Coffman has open mats tonight at 6:00. They usually have very solid numbers with a good variety of weights.