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I'm a proud band parent, and I want to see the season as much as anyone. My son has been busting his butt 4 hours a day since July 13th, hauling around quads on his back and loving every minute of it. He works harder than I ever did as a HS and DIII player. Don't disparage band parents. I wish I loved football as much as he loves marching band....and I absolutely love football.


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I came across this little interesting tidbit:

" ... These Big Ten football coaches need to stop resisting the conference's decision regarding the pandemic - they are non-clinical professionals and should have no say in the matter. Furthermore, it does not appear that other fall sports at any of the conference's member schools are threatening to play an independent schedule/join another conference, so why should football receive any special consideration? It's a bad look for the athletic departments.

On another note, the ACC, Big 12, Conference USA, SEC, and Sun Belt (especially the later two) should absolutely follow the MAC, MWC, Big Ten and PAC 12's lead...A majority of their member schools are located in COVID's worst hot spots (South & Southeast regions)....To say these conferences are acting irresponsible and greedy is not saying enough... These conferences holding out and not canceling the season at this point is completely asinine. In my honest opinion, it has been the actions (or inaction's) of the citizens in these parts of the country that make it easy to blame them for the situation we are currently in....

Lou Holtz and Dabo Swinney.... Don't even get me started on that, lol "
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