Can February 22 get here fast enough?


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My biological clock is trashed. My biorhythms are so off it's not funny. 23, 28, 33...
I don't know what grade anyone is anymore. How different will practices be?


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Had an indoor season last year. We do very little with indoor. Can't go to meets anyway. Hand full of kids with minimum coaching.


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I have seen no word on the state indoor meet. We pulled out of all indoor meets this season. I have mixed feelings, but some of the results I'm looking at look very crowded. I'm curious how they are maintaining safety in these situations.
We don't do much if any with indoor. I am ready for the season to start too. Hopefully we get guidance soon as to how meets will need to be set up. I had an invite canceled for the season(non-Covid reasons) and want to know if I can put a meet together.