Boys AND Girls XC Top 10


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Hi, I know there is also a girls thread but it seems a lot less active so I decided to combine both genders into this thread..Based off of the first 4-5 weeks or so of the season, with a lot of time to go, what are YOUR top 10 Teams in the State for Division 1 Boys and Division 1 Girls..Feel free to add Division 2 and 3 forsure!

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The new poll should be out tomorrow. There's a lot more activity on the Let's talk Ohio XC on Letsrun.


Lancers lead the way!
DI Boys
1. Mason
2. St. Xavier
3. St. Francis
4. Jackson
5. Lancaster
6. Springboro
7. Glen Oak
8. Davidson
9. Loveland
10. Medina


Lancers lead the way!
DI Girls
1. Davidson
2. Mason
3. Westlake
4. Perrysburg
5. Avon
6. West
7. Jerome
8. Loveland
9. Beavercreek
10. Lebanon


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Here's a link to that LetsRun thread.

Also, I think that the new polls are usually out on Thursdays.

On the boys side, I've really liked how Mas. Jackson, Toledo St. Francis, and Mason have looked. St. X is always dangerous. Lancaster is very good. If Springboro can get somebdoy to break out and be a low stick they will be a contender. As will HD if they have somebdoy step up after thier 1-2. Loveland and Medina are right there, and great programs too, so don't be suprised if they keep on improving.

Sounds like we will have a great meet at Lancaster this weekend that will tell us a lot about where teams stand right now. I'm really looking forward to that meet. Sounds like we'll see Lancaster, Dublin Coffman. Westerville North, Worthington Kilbourne and Hilliard Davidson all racing against each other. Those could all be top 10 teams in the State.