Bowdoin College (D-III) cancels season


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This morning, Bowdoin College (D-III – ME) announced that they’ve made the decision to cancel the fall football season as well as all fall AND winter sports during the fall semester.



Go Buckeyes
Very concerning.

There are two narratives going on right now: The death rate is declining rapidly (good news) AND the number of confirmed cases is rising slowly (bad news).

It appears that Covid-19 is not as deadly as many had believed. Starting to trend towards Flu level death rate. But every new case in a sports team creates fear. I suspect that we will end up cancelling alot of sports and looking back to realize it was not necessary.

The Dock

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I wouldn't read too much into Bowdoin cancelling their season, simply because that school could probably make do just fine without a football program.


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Bowdoin has won one game since 2016...I think they used this as a convenient opportunty to ax the program. They are little on the light side with 70 players on the roster. Don't know anything about the school, but interesting they have players from all over the country, Florida, Minnesota, California, they must specialize in something. Also a hefty price tag. According to their site, annually tuition/ room/ board/ etc... $73,000 !!!

Not saying all the football players would transfer, but if you lose out on 70 players paying tuition, that's 5.1 mill per year.


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The Ohio Athletic Conference, members being Mt. Union, Ohio Northern, Capital and others have announced a conference only schedule for football/ volleyball and soccer this fall. Not so big of a deal in football as there is only one non-conference game. But for soccer/ volleyball, unless they make it double round robin, their schedules will be reduced by 75% or more.


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They are ranked #6 in National Liberal Arts colleges per US News & World Report, football is not even on their radar.