Bojangles going Boneless in new markets?


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Bojangles makes no bones about its future

Bojangles is ditching the bones, at least in newer markets.

The Charlotte-based chicken chain, which has made its living specializing in bone-in chicken, is planning to expand in new markets with a menu pared down to its breakfast and boneless options, the better to take advantage of shifting consumer demands.

Jose Armario, CEO of the 800-unit chain, said on this week’s episode of the A Deeper Dive podcast that the company has been testing a smaller menu featuring its breakfast, chicken sandwiches and chicken fingers, but not the bone-in chicken for which it’s known.

Hoping the new restaurants opening in Ohio aren't following this new "rule".

We go to Bojangles every couple of years and look forward to it on our trips down South. Love their chicken and fries. I've tried their tenders and was not impressed at all. Probably would never go there if that is all that is on the menu. Anyone on here close to the people building the Ohio Bojangles? Any idea if they are going to have real chicken at these restaurants?


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I love bojangles. Their sweet tea and dirty rice are both perfect. Their chicken is great and cheap. Honestly the only non national chain I like more would be Lee's. Less salty tasting and less greasy than KFC. Popeyes is decent but so many times way too crispy for my liking.

Champs (found mostly at gas stations) and Church's (keep in the south) are both great for chicken but not much else.

Chester's is garbage. Krispy Krunchy was great when it started years ago but like Hunt Bros Pizza, going the "anyone can run one" route has made quality so bad or inconsistent that it's not worth testing your luck when you see one. And lastly, Broaster Chicken is usually pretty good but for gas station fare very expensive.