Black History Month : Name the Greatest African-American Football Players from Ohio


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Big Bad Bob "The Boomer" Brown - Cleveland E. Tech - Nebraska - Eagles, Rams & Raiders in the NFL - NFL HOF


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Horace Gillom—(Massillon Washington)—Played with the Cleveland Browns for 10 years. Paul Brown said there “has never been a better punter than Horace.” He should be in the HOF.


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I'm kind of biased as a kid who grew up watching Cris Carter. He's a hall of famer and one of the best all-round athletes to come out of SW Ohio. He also led the Middletown basketball team to the state championship game and won multiple state championships in track. With that being said, Orlando Pace is arguably one of the best left tackles to ever play the game and was a vital member of the "Greatest Show on Turf". It hard for me to argue against him as the best player from Ohio. When I was in high school, we had some game film of an upcoming opponent and we keep watching this defensive end just get killed by this offensive tackle from the other team. We're all kind of snickering and laughing and the coach figured out why. He warned us that the DE was actually a really good player that was headed to some MAC school and not to underestimate him. The guy blocking him was going to OSU and was one of the best players in the country. Being dumb kids, we just kind of blew it off, thought "yeah right" were going to kill this dude. The DE ended up with about a dozen tackles, a sack and several tackles for a loss. We won 9-0 but it wasn't for lack of a defensive effort by the other team. The OT we were watching ended up being Orlando Pace and he must have pancaked that kid a dozen times. We all ended up being pretty big fans of his afterwards.


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Robert Smith, Coach Gene Young played FB at Nebraska 61-63 and coached at John
Adams over 30 years, great role model!
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