Bishop Sycamore Head Coach Roy Johnson Accuses Suburban Schools of Recruiting

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Joe Maimone has to have some serious stakes in this team to keep defending them the way he is. My guess is he put money up to back then and he's doing everything in his power to try and recoup some of it. His reputation is completely trashed now.
Dude hasn’t been doing a good job of being a first round pick for Team “Feds” in the inevitable football game to be played in Southern District of Ohio court, has he?


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Not sure if it was already posted, but the BS coaches are currently on the line with this guy on Twitter. You have to click his profile photo (should be surrounded by purple) to access the audio:

The coaches said that they would beat up on lower division teams in Ohio. Kirtland/Coldwater/Marion/etc. would smoke these guys.
I’d love to see Sycamore try to stop Kirtlands power run. They’d be tapping out in the 2nd quarter


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Right before signoff, @ohiovarsity on twitter called them all conmen that talked in circles for 3 hours. Mentioned that they do not have actual school admins. Coach left it saying that the United States is a land of second chances and whatnot.
I listened to most but not all of it. Ohio varsity is exactly right. Everyone who spoke for BS spoke in circles. God and church was brought up a lot. Doung the right thing from here on out was brought up a lot. It was all double speak. Their general idea is a good one. Helping those that may not have opportunities get ahead in lifevis fantastic. They have not and most likely will not go about it the right way. I don't think anyone associated with it knows how.


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Since the media finally noticed this story a full three years too late, here's a little trail of public records to follow.

08/30/18 Heartland Bank v. Richard Allen Group (Roy Johnson, Jay Richardson) case no. 18 CV 007448 Franklin County $90,449
11/26/18 First Merchants Bank v. Roy Johnson, Jay Richardson case no. 18 CV 009775 Franklin County $105,461656

Bank fraud, defaulted on both loans.

05/20/19 ARN Hospitality (Baymont Inn) v. Roy Johnson, Christians of Faith Academy case no. 19 CV H 05 0293 Delaware County $110,685

The coaches and players stayed at the Baymont Inn in Delaware for about six weeks during the 2018 season then absconded without paying.

10/08/19 Tailwind Griff LLC v. Roy Johnson case no. 2019 CVG 039752 Franklin County Municipal
10/16/19 Tailwind Griff LLC v. Andre Peterson case no. 2019 CVG 040542 Franklin County Municipal

The team stayed at The Griff apartments during the 2019 season without paying. There's an additional 22 other eviction cases against the players themselves. Rent was probably about $35,000 per month for all 24 apartments.

03/09/20 Delaware County v. Roy Johnson case no. 20CRB00393 Delaware County Municipal (Domestic Violence, Assault, Disorderly Conduct)

Most coaches get fired for this. Not at Bishop Sycamore.

09/21/20 Commons On Kinnear v. ISE Foundation case nos. 2020 CVG 023515 to 023545 Franklin County Municipal (16 cases total)

Evictions following the 2020 football season. Went by the name ISE Foundation that year. Rent was probably about $25,000 per month for all 16 apartments.

03/31/21 Cardinal Transportation Ltd. v. Andre Peterson, Leroy Johnson case no. 2021 CVF 009359 Franklin County Municipal

A charter bus company, amount owed unknown.

07/02/21 Delaware County bench warrant issued for Leroy Johnson Jr. re: case no. 20CRB00393
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This may be the single greatest thread in Yappi history…I’m not sure there has ever been so many people on the same side of an argument on here before…literally everyone agrees (except PGL, Jersey) never thought I’d see the day that the Massillon fans and everyone else on the same page😂😂😂😂

This will be a thread for the books. Easily up there with "Countdown to Competitive Balance in the Playoffs".


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Trending nationally?



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I've never met a person by that name associated with Bishop Sycamore.

Riddle me this, Sherlock: If the team is a "scam," how and why are highly-ranked, blue-blood HSFB programs like Hoban, IMG, Duncanville TX, St Edward, DeMatha MD, Liberty NV, St Frances MD, etc. scheduling them?

Additionally, why would ESPN showcase a "scam" team on national television??
That didn't age well.


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The latest news story

Last year Matt Goul went viral with that video of a man two years removed from high school trying to knock the head off a St. Ignatius student (twice) and never said a frickin' thing! Now he wants credit for his cautionary tale? This is how this sham was allowed to continue all this time. He and all the athletic directors that looked the other way are at fault and should be fired.
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And while I'm at it here's a list of all the jock sniffers and hangers-on that pimped this fake school online.

Andrew King - This Week News
Joe Maimone - Prep Gridiron Logistics
Jared Luginbill - Prep Red Zone
Darren Gammell - Darren Junior Recruiting Source
Pete Romito - QB Hit List
David Shuman - NUC Sports
Jacob Lemming - Lemming Scouting
George Yarberry - Elite Football Network
Mick Walker - Buckeye Scoop
Michael Cucchiara - Compete 24
Jeff Fisher - High School Football America
Michael Robinson - 4th and Goal Athletics

All of them directly participated or actively promoted this scam online to give legitimacy to a non-existent school. They should never again have anything to do with high school athletics.

It's amazing how many adults want to involve themselves in the lives of kids they don't know because of their athletic ability. It's amazing how they leap to take credit for or associate themselves with any accomplishments the kids may achieve. It's amazing how many call themselves "coach" even though they're not employed as such, and how critical and resentful they are of actual high school and college coaches that actually work for pennies for these kids and for the sport.
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