Bill Walton


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Ehh, I'd say his baseball efforts were more like "hit or miss". A few decent creative lines. He could be a vocal stand-in for Jesse Ventura.

Love that Jake Busey smile, though.
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Walton is a national treasure. I'll watch late night Pac-12 basketball games just to listen to him.
the absolute opposite here.... I follow Oregon State and cringe when he does the game to the point I mute.... I would even say he is worse than Thom and that is coming from me.... HELLO!


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Bill's sports commentating act does wear thin after a while and he would be best to add some nuance to it before he becomes a self parody.

I ran into Bill at a Dead & Company show as he is not hard to miss. Most heads left him alone and in person he seemed like a very normal guy, the on air thing is an act. The one thing you do not want to be with Bill is behind him at a show>