Bill Burr


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they made fun of Obama a bit during his years.......I recall the "Executive Order" skit, patterned after the old "I'm just a Bill" from Schoolhouse Rock.


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SNL has always had its moments and of course comedy changes over time to a degree. There have been plenty of times when the writing has carried the show and others where they threw Sandler and Farley in front of camera as some brainless character and they killed it. Eddie Murphy almost single handedly carried the show when he was on. Will Ferrell to a lessor degree. There have been times when good cast members were not used enough IMO and today I find Kate McKinnon pretty darn funny in most of her skits. With all of that said, people on here tend to hate SNL because of its politics.

I thought the entire Bill Burr SNL was one of the funniest I watched in a while. The Sam Adams Pumpkin Spice commercial was a riot.



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Hung out with Burr once in college. I remember him claiming to be a Bowling Green fan. Given he’s from Massachusetts, in hindsight I’m guessing that wasn’t exactly true.