Big ten Hoops


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Credibility wise I do think the Big Ten needs somebody to win it all, but in many ways IMO it shouldn't be that way.

This league's been very good in recent years and this year may be as good as it's ever been IMO in terms of quality depth. It's still early, but I think they get at least 10 teams into the tournament and depending on how things shake out, possibly as many as 12. I expect that to reflect itself in league play throughout the year as it's been a meat grinder so far, and just about anyone can knock anyone off if you don't play fairly well on any given day.

Orin Swift

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To further nww's point I did a breakdown of the tourney winners, championship appearances and Final 4 appearances by conference since 2015, for a 5 year sample since the 2020 tourney wasn't played:

ACC - 3 (Duke, UNC, Virginia)
Big East - 2 (Nova x 2)

Runner ups:
Big 10 - 2 (Wisky, Mich)
ACC - 1 (UNC)
Big 12 -1 (TTU)
WCC - 1 (Zaga)

Final Four Appearances, outside the above listed programs:
SEC - 3 (UK, S. Carolina, Auburn)
Big 10 - 2 (MSU x 2)
Big 12 - 2 (OU, Kansas)
ACC - 1 (Syracuse)
PAC 12 - 1 (Oregon)
MVC - 1 (Loyoal)

So when it comes to post season success I think it's fair to say the Big 10 is running 2nd/3rd. Do Nova's 2 titles lift the rest of the Big East over the Big 10's 0 titles, 2 different runner ups and 3rd team with 2 FF appearances?


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Michigan & Iowa are FF caliber teams. There’s a few other teams that are also very good. There’s really not a “bad” team in the Conference. Even Rutgers isn’t all that bad.