Best Summer Travel Coaches in Northeast Ohio 2021. 15u and up.


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I have seen many posts on the top travel programs in the area. I have not seen any posts on the top coaches. We reviewed many programs this past year. An organization can have a great reputation but lack good coaches at certain ages that matter. We left a program recently due to some false advertising by the coach. The organization also let us down. I do not know why programs have many teams at each age group other than economic. We have been given a few coaches names but the reviews from friends we know are mixed.


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False advertising when it comes to youth travel coaches and teams?
I put many of them up there with politicians, lawyers and used car salesmen!


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Alex Marconi. I am biased because he was a former teammate of mine at Kent State, but he has coached in D1 conferences and is great. Heads up the Midwest Stars program