Best Players & Coaches Cincy has produced


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This is all clearly lost on you for one reason or another. Deflect all you want. I hope you find some happiness in your daughters sport because you should really be enjoying this, rather than harboring whatever it is you are dealing with that Fisher did you. I stand by my own thoughts that he's a very talented coach and recruiting happens.

Now can we please just focus on the best coaches and players and move past the fact that we disagree about both him and recruiting.
Oh please, 5x26, if only you could keep up and get over your grandiose sense of self, you would realize that it is clearly you who are lost, morally corrupt and a giant patronizing d-bag. Talk about deflecting . . . (Did you look that term up after I used it to describe one of your earlier pathetic non-responses?). None of this is personal for me, I am just not nearly as slimy and insecure as you. But with that said, happy to move on 5x26 . . . .
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