Best 10-season run?


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He somehow feels that the accomplishment of his school is diminished because of success of schools in other divisions. The jealousy is hilarious!
I have no jealousy or enmity toward Coldwater-- I actually like the school-- it's up there in my favorite "name" schools"-- but much like that other guy on here who likes to plug the MAC coonstantly, you have mistakenly attached some kind of jealousy or inferiority complex motivation to my stated desire to see the really high achieving schools continue to ascend the Ohio playoff division totem pole, as their success warrants... my interest in seeing that happen comes from a completely neutral/unbiased point of view-- I have no "dog in this fight", nor any ax to grind-- I simply think it makes eminent sense-- the reason that the divisions were created was to allow smaller schools to have a chance at competing well/fairly in their games-- when a school shows itself to be as capable as Coldwater and Marion Local have, it no longer seems necessary (nor even appropriate) to hold them back in lower pools of competition, for them to compete well/fairly-- they have shown that they can do that at much higher levels, if given the opportunity-- basically, what Yappi himself advocates.