Bengals Draft!


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Ok, with the draft less than a week away who does everyone want the Bengals to draft? Here are some scenarios I would like to see happen.

1: Decastro falls and the Bengals get him at 17 and then take Stephen Hill or Kendell Wright at 21. In round 2 take Martin, Miller, or Wilson. After that it's all defense. I realize this is very heavy offensively, but i think if it fell this way the Bengals would be set for years offensively and could just draft "D" for years to come.

2: What I think will happen: Gilmore or Kirkpatrick with 17. Stephen Hill or Kendall Wright at 21. Look for a guard or RB in round 2. I actually think the Bengals could trade this pick for another 2nd rounder and move back in the 1st and still be able to get Cordy Glenn or one of the WR's.


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I want them to pick the best available player, hopefully Decastro and a CB in the first rd., but whoever they have highest on their boards. Blackmon is the only WR I would take in the first; highly doubtful he falls that far. They can take a WR in the second or third rd.


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I doubt DeCastro falls to them but it would be AWESOME if he did. I think their first pick will for sure be a CB unless DeCastro does happen to slip to them. Who the CB will be, I have no clue. Like you said, it will likely be Gilmore or Kirkpatrick, or I guess maybe Janoris Jenkins. I don't know enough about any of these guys to comment about which one I would rather see them get, but either way they will most likely end up with a CB with their first pick, IMO.

For the second pick, I think it'll be Cordy Glenn, or one of those CBs if they do happen to get DeCastro with the first pick.

I would love it if Miller fell to them in the 2nd round.


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Only WR I'd want in the first round is Floyd but I think he'll be gone by 17. Blackmon will obviouslly be gone too. Don't want Hill or Wright at all in the first. Also don't want a RB at all in the first two rounds. My perfect draft would be Floyd at 17 then a CB or G at 21 and whichever position isn't picked in the first round go for in the second. Wouldn't mind a CB G combo in the first then a WR in the second if Floyd isn't there. Really though they can go best available because they have multiple positions of need but nothing they absolutely have to draft


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I agree about Hill and Wright. I would rather the Bengals not take either one of them in the first.

What WR would you want them to take in the 2nd if they go CB/G with the first 2? I would rather have Miller than any of the WRs projected to go around the Bengals pick in the 2nd.


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Peter King had an interesting twist with Arizona taking DeCastro then the Bengals following with Courtney Upshaw and Dre Kirkpatrick.


I think they go best avaivable with the first pick then need after that.
Need to get a CB at some point, hopefully in round 1, that can play right away. Also would like to get some help on the O-Line, but if they did make some nice moves in the free agent market?


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I think they go best avaivable with the first pick then need after that.
Need to get a CB at some point, hopefully in round 1, that can play right away. Also would like to get some help on the O-Line, but if they did make some nice moves in the free agent market?
I think the opposite. Need at 17, BPA at 21.

IMO they go cb at 17 (unless someone like floyd or decastro drops), but its not an immediate need, its a longterm need. Any CB they take is going to start at best 4th on the depth chart. They need to grab one though and I think all of the good ones are gone by the early 2nd round.


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Mike Brown did some good things this season. What are the chances he mortgages the entire draft to get someone like Richardson just so we can go back to vocally hating him again?


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my big board based on need and player:

1. OG David DeCastro
2. WR Michael Floyd
3. CB Stephon Gilmore
4. CB Dre Kirkpatrick
5. OL Cordy Glenn
6. DE Quinton Coples
7. OL Reilly Reiff
8. OG Kevin Zeitler
8. WR Rueben Randle
10. WR Stephen Hill
11. S Mark Barron
12. MLB Dont'a Hightower
13. DE Courtney Upshaw
14. LB Luke Kuechly
15. Michael Brockers


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I love Gresham. I just love the idea of having two good TE's like the Patriots.
They don't even use Gresham enough so it would be pretty dumb to waste a 1st rounder on another te. They should use the good athletic te they already have like the Pats use their te's but until that happens there's def no need to get another one that high in the draft.


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It wouldn't shock me to see them try and move up to 10 - 12 to take Kuechly. That's the only way I see them moving up though.
Under Mike Brown the Bengals have traded up only 1 time and that was to move from 5 to 1 to get Kijana Carter. So it would def shock me to se them trade up. Even Adam Shefter commented on how with the new rookie salary structure every team is in play to trade up in this draft, except the Bengals.


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Bored at work, so I decided to look at a bunch of different mocks to see who they all had the Bengals taking and kind of summarize the results. Next to each player's name in parentheses is how many different mocks have that player going to the Bengals in that spot. I looked at 40 different mocks, all of which have been updated as of today:

17. Kirkpatrick (12); DeCastro (5); Floyd (5); Gilmore (4); Glenn (3); Upshaw (3); Reiff (2); Brockers (1); Coples (1); Cox (1); Hill (1); Jenkins (1); Wright (1)

21. Kirkpatrick (11); Upshaw (8); Glenn (7); Wright (4); Brockers (2); Hill (2); DeCastro (1); Barron (1 insane person); Coples (1); Jenkins (1); Martin (1); Worthy (1)

For those who don't know who all these players are:

Dre Kirkpatrick - CB, Alabama
David DeCastro - G, Stanford
Stephon Gilmore - CB, South Carolina
Riley Reiff - OT, Iowa
Courtney Upshaw - OLB, Alabama
Quinton Coples - DE, North Carolina
Fletcher Cox - DT, Mississippi St.
Michael Floyd - WR, Notre Dame
Stephen Hill - WR, Georgia Tech
Cordy Glenn - G, Georgia
Jerel Worthy - DT, Michigan St.
Kendall Wright - WR, Baylor
Janoris Jenkins - CB, North Alabama
Doug Martin - RB, Boise St.
Michael Brockers - DT, LSU
Mark Barron - SS, Alabama

Quite a few of these have said that the Bengals really like Courtney Upshaw, and one said it's a "lock" that the Bengals will take him, so I'm curious to see if they do or not.