Bearcats in the News - XC & Indoor T&F

It seems obvious that this situation was addressed long before the young man committed to UC and at least as soon as it was realized he would qualify for both races. Accommodating this move might be a large part of why he chose to attend UC over other schools. To me this is alot like Taylor Ewert mapping out walking and running with Arkansas coaches before committing.


He blew up the video coverage of the race.

I paid $29.99 (per month) to watch on FloTrack because I was unable to travel to Wisconsin. He immediately pushed the pace ... the lead camera stayed with him (of course) and good views of the chase pack were few and far between.

And now he's not even racing NCAA?



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^^ Also, the comparison of Arkansas and UC is a lot different. Arkansas is a national power in XC and track. UC is not. If UC were a national power and qualified as a team to the national championships they might not have been OK with Bienenfeld electing to not run with the team. The coaches, knowing that the chances of UC qualifying as a team were infinitesimal, probably had no problem with agreeing to this beforehand.
Robino - I completely agree. My comparison was meant to imply that in both cases I assume those conflicts were discussed prior to being offered or accepting any scholarship $. UC may have even had stipulations such as if they qualify as a team he runs NCAA, if they don't it is his choice.