Bearcats basketball 2019-2020

Orin Swift

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Piss poor officiating for most of the night but it shouldn't have come down to it. Vogt should have been benched for most of the game, the guy is just incredibly soft and has cement in his shoes. I think UC needs to go more small ball line up with Tre at the 5 or give Diarra more minutes. Vogt is just not very good. Not sure how UC suddenly forgot how to box out and defend the dribble drive lay up but I think UCF scored half their points off 2nd chance points and driving to the hole for an easy lay up. Awesome job by Jarron forcing up garbage shot after garbage shot and holding on to the ball 0.1 second too long for the last shot again. Bummer to waste another great performance by Tre. He, Gary Clark and Justin Jackson all made massive strides throughout their careers here and it's been fun to watch them grow. On the brightside they shot about 84% from the FT line.

ronnie mund

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Vogt has dropped off since the first half of the year. He's a liability defensively and is horrid from the line. He does indeed have cement in his shoes. I always get a laugh whenever the announcers talk about Vogt in the NBA.

Chop Stix

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Jarron - lazy... turnover machine... G-league bench player

Tre - took 4.5 years to show high major offensive skills

Vogt - high major skills, mid major athlete

Keith - still can't play under control most of the time; god save this team with him as Batman next year

Jaevin - decent shooter if you give him like 6 3s to get warmed up

Adams-Woods - I see shades of Caupain but still too early to tell

McNeal - wtf lol, how was this dude our starting point guard early on, he's worse than Timmy Crowell

Diarra - our starting 4 next season? jesus lmao

Davenport - will be lucky to have Tre Scott's career trajectory

Harvey - haven't given up on him but he shouldn't start next season

ronnie mund

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Bench came alive today thankfully. Jarron, Harvey, Woods all played well. Vogt disappointing again. Williams also didn't show up but the occasional bad game happens. The week of rest is tremendously needed. This team is banged up. Beat Houston, along with USF and Temple, and I think they just need one win in the AAC tournament to be in. Obviously depends on what other bubble teams do.

Sig Hansen

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I think it's highly unlikely they win next week, but if they do manage to win and then win out it'd be hard for the committee to keep the AAC regular season champ out of the tourney regardless of what happens in the AAC tournament. If UC loses they probably need a couple wins in the tourney. Would be nice to avoid playing SMU because the tournament is in Fort Worth.