Bazely drafted 23rd


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I think this is the real story of the draft and future implications because of him skipping college and getting drafted in the first round. So much for the "he needed college exposure". He got a 1 million dollar deal shoe deal and has now gotten a a guaranteed NBA contract worth more than what the average college degree is worth. Cant argue with his decision now considering it paid him handsomely


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Weird draft trajectory. For a while there it seemed like he fell off of the face of the Earth, and then bounced back into first round discussion following the combine and individual team workouts.

Can't argue with his choices at all. I'd expect more to go this route or to go overseas for a year depending on how the youngest Ball brother fares.

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Michael Bluth

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Could be out of the league in a year as a late first rounder though. If he had balled out for a year at Syracuse maybe he’s a top 10 guy tonight


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Sounds like this young man really benefited from training in Memphis while living with Mike Miller and his family. Still may spend some time in the G League. Best of luck to Mr. Bazely!

Taco MacArthur

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I wonder how much, if at all, Mitchell Robinson's success as a rookie last year had in a team taking a 1st rounder on him. Similar situation, Robinson fell to the 2nd and played very well for the Knicks.

Congrats to Darius and good luck in OKC.

Chop Stix

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Bazley went from subbing himself in and out of games on his own accord and fighting with the coach mid-game at Finneytown to interviewing and conducting himself like a real professional 3 years later. His body has filled out alright too. Hopefully he can establish himself as a rotation player at the least over the next several years.