Barberton: A Coaching Legacy


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The following is a list of Barberton Graduates who have become Head Coaches at the high school level; Assistant or Head Coaches at the collegiate level; Assistant or Head Coaches at the Professional level. This list likely has ommited some grads who have become coaches and has also likely ommited some positions that were held by those mentioned. The number of Barberton grads who have become assistant coaches at the high school level is far too great to list.

Bob Addis-Head Baseball Coach; Euclid High School.

Vince Arnold-Head Basketball and Golf Coach; Kettering Fairmont High School

Brian Bidlingmyer-Assistant Men's Basketball Coach; University of Milwaukee, Binghamton, Lamar, Western Kentucky.

Marco Burnette-Assistant Football Coach-Wake Forest and Akron University.

Alan Cooksey-Head Football Coach; Barberton and Medina High Schools.

Glenn "Jeep" Davis-Head Track Coach-Cornell University; Barberton High School.

Tim Debevic-Head Boys Basketball Coach-Jackson High School.

Tom Dimitroff-Head Football Coach; Ottawa(CFL), Hamilton(CFL), Guelph University. Assistant Football Coach; Ottawa(CFL), Miami(Oh), Kansas State.

Fletcher-Head Football Coach; Medina Highland. Assistant Football Coach Akron University.

James Glancy-Head Freshman Football Coach; Ohio Wesleyan. Assistant Baseball Coach; Ohio Wesleyan. Assistant Swimming Coach; Ohio Wesleyan.

Cathy Goudy-Head Coach- Volleyball, Gymnasitics, Girls Track, Boys and Girls Tennis Aurora High School; Assistant Gymnastics Coach Kent State.

Tony Gotto-Head Football Coach; Barberton High School

Jack Greynolds Jr.-Head Boys Basketball Coach-Buchtel, Tallmadge, Rootstown, Glenoak and Barberton High Schools.

Joe Griffiths-Head Football Coach; Wadsworth High School. Assistant Football Coach; University of Buffalo.

Jon Hance- Head Baseball Coach-Barberton High School.

Hunter-Head Baseball Coach- Denison. Head Football Coach- Wadsworth High School. Assistant Football Coach- Miami(Oh), Wake Forest, Michigan.

Brandon James-Assistant Football Coach; Wooster College.

Jeff Janiga-Head Girls Basketball Coach-Barberton High School.

Jessica Jensen-Head Volleyball Coach-Barberton High School.

Chuck Kelley-Head Basketball, Baseball and Football Coach-St. Mary; Head basketball Coach-Cleveland Cathedral Latin; Head Basketball and Golf Coach-Hoban.

Scott Kelly-Head Girl's Soccer Coach-Barberton High School.

Megan Koster-Head Girl's Basketball Coach; Tuslaw High School.

Don Kotnik-Head Golf Coach; Toledo University.

Scot Loeffler-Assistant Football Coach; Central Michigan, Michigan University, Florida, Temple, Auburn, Virginia Tech, Boston College, Detroit Lions. Head Football Coach Bowling Green.

John Mackovic-Head Football Coach; Kansas City Chiefs, Wake Forest, Illinois, Texas, Arizona University. Assistant Football Coach; Dallas Cowboys, Arizona University, Purdue, Miami(Oh), San Jose State.

Jack Morgan-Head Boys Basketball Coach-Springfield High School.

John Murphy-Head Football Coach; Toledo and Heidelberg. Assistant Football Coach Toledo.

Hal Naragon-Bullpen Coach; Minnesota Twins and Detroit Tigers.

Bobby Nickol-Head Football Coach St. Vincent-St. Mary High School

Ray Pfeister-Head Football Coach; Riverside and Kirtland High Schools.

Ken Rector-Head Boy's Basketball Coach; Barberton High School.

Ed Rooney-Head Womens Basketball Coach; Portland State University

Mario Russo-Head Football Coach; Balogna(Italy), Green Bay(Arena), Madison(Arena). Assistant Football Coach Wisconsin, Toledo, Denison, Dayton, Heidelberg, Bowling Green. Head Baseball Coach; Denison.

Nick Sales-Assistant Varsity and Junior Varsity head basketball coach; Albion College, Assistant basketball Coach; Defiance, Assistant basketball coach; Marietta.

Jeff Saylor-Head Baseball coach;Barberton High School.

Glenn "Bo" Schembechler-Head Football Coach Michigan and Miami(Oh). Assistant Football Coach; Presbyterian College, Bowling Green, Northwestern, Ohio State.

Jeff Sharkey-Head Football Coach-Marlington, United Local, East Palestine and Barberton High Schools.

Mary Shimanek-Head Tennis Coach; Barberton High School.

Lewis Sickler-Head Football Coach; Barberton High School.

Tammy Simmons-Assistant Softball Coach; Evensville University.

Mike Skuban-Head Football Coach; North Canton Hoover.

Bob Starcher-Head Baseball Coach; Olivet Nazerene and Malone College.

Jim Stewart-Assistant Football Coach; Kent State.

Archie Strimel-Assitant Football Coach; Akron University, Miami(Oh), Wake Forest.

Joe Suboticki-Head Boys Basketball Coach; St. Vincent-St. Mary, Portsmouth High School, North Royalton, Toledo St. Francis, Toledo Waite, Toledo Scott.

Michelle Sutton-Head Volleyball Coach-Barberton High School.

Al Taracuk-Assistant Football Coach-Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Doug Taracuk-Assistant Football Coach-Capital University

George Toneff-Head Football Coach; Cleveland Lincoln High School.

Nathan Vaughn-Assistant Men's Basketball Coach; Ashland and Northern Colorado.

Terry Weigand-Head Men's Basketball Coach; Ashland University. Assistant Men's Basketball Coach Ashland, Mount Union, Akron University.

Mike Winkler-Strength and Conditioning Coach Akron University, Lake County Captains(Minor League Baseball), Buffalo Bisons(Minor League Baseball), Pittsburgh Pirates, Los Angeles Dodgers, Cleveland Indians.

Art Wright-Head Football Coach; Wadsworth High School.

Karl Zalar-Head Basketball, Baseball, Football and Golf Coach; Tiffin Calvert High School.

Bob Zupke-Head Football Coach; Akron Central-Hower and Hoban High Schools.
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Nice job frecriss! This must have taken quite awhile to put together -- amazing the talent that comes out of Barberton - that's why we're the Magic City!


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Nice job frecriss! This must have taken quite awhile to put together -- amazing the talent that comes out of Barberton - that's why we're the Magic City!

As I stated, this list is not complete. I know that Dave Cooper, Bob Velloney and Chuck Kelley all coached varsity programs at the High School Level and that Bob Addis and Joe Griffiths held positions that I did not list. I am still working on that. Also, it is likely that there are additional grads that I have not mentioned at all. That is the fun of doing the research that I do.


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Obviously, those who are/were coaching at Barberton have contributed. Other: Sickler was a main stay at Barberton for decades. Naragon and Davis certainly have contributed to Barberton. Loeffler, I know, used to participate in Barbertons football camp, I am not sure if he still does. Hunter, Griffiths, Russo, Dimitroff and Mackovic all were Assistant Football Coaches for Barberton. Tammy Simmons is part of the Sports Hall of Fame Selection Commitee. Schembechler always recruited Barberton getting Larry Ricks and Chuck Rowland to play for him and he also recruited Robbie Robertson and Marcus McKinnie but didn't land them. Bo also gave Mackovic his first coaching position, grad assistant at Miami while Bo was the head coach there. He also brought Hunter with him to Michigan. Mackovic did the same while the head coach at Wake Forest bringing both Burnette and Strimel with him. Dave Cooper, who will be on the list shortly, is the President of the Barberton Sports Hall of Fame. That is off the top of my head, I am sure there are others.


I think Jack Morgan '92 coaches varsity basketball at Springfield....I know he made some different coaching stops along the way not sure where.
Does the Name Dave Buttermore ring a bell? He came to Steubenville as an assistant football coach when I was in Jr High and I would have sworn he was a Barberton alum.
Rudy Sharkey (relation to the Sharkey mentioned here?) was Larry Kehres' OC at Mount for some time, but I think Rudy was also a Magic. I went to KSU and took "Coaching Football" as an elective and he taught our class.


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Here are two brothers to add to the list. Al Taracuk, '74, was an assistant coach at RPI in Troy, NY. The current defensive coordinator with the Patriots was on the team at that time. Doug Taracuk, '71, is the current offensive line coach at Capital University after a 42 year high school coaching career.


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BHS Asst coaches Doug Huffman, Jim Stock, Brian Canale, Jeff Sharkey, Bryan Breitenstine (MS), Jeff Saylor, and Gordie White, and Mike Brown.....