Bailing Out The OHSAA

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Crying about a 12 dollar ticket is hilarious, it’s literally 12 dollars of you can not afford that then you need to evaluate your life a little


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The OHSAA could have thrown in the towel back in July. They stepped up to the plate and went to bat for us all. Everyone should have a few extra bucks laying around since the bars close earlier.


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As you know, the Sports Order states “the primary purpose of permitting spectators at school sports events is to allow and encourage family/household members and loved ones of players, coaches, team staff members, officials, and other event participants (band, honor guard, cheerleaders, etc.) to observe and share in the experience.” We have also said the goal is to allow 2, and up to 4, family members and loved ones of participants to attend their sports event.

I am writing to let you know that for any remaining regular season sports events and during the playoffs, schools may allow more than 4 family members and their guests to attend sports events if the school has surplus tickets after an initial offering to the families of participants. Please note that even if a sports venue still has surplus tickets after an expanded offering to family members and guests of participants, the extra tickets cannot be offered to the general public.

Moreover, a sports venue must remain within its spectator limit under Ohio’s Sports Order:

  • Outdoor sports venues – Lesser of 1,500 spectators or 15% of fixed seating capacity.
  • Indoor sports venues – Lesser of 300 spectators or 15% of fixed seating capacity.
  • Spectator variance approved by the local health department and the Ohio Department of Health.

We will share this update with the Ohio High School Athletic Association to share with its member schools.


Lance D. Himes
Interim Director
Ohio Department of Health


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Tickets last year were $10....I don't see a problem. As far as the general public thing....a lot of schools sold leftover tickets to the general public during the regular season....seems strange they wouldn't allow it now. Are the family members and guest being tested as they walk in? If not, I'm not sure why you wouldn't allow general public to take up any remaining allowable tickets