Bad Blood: Dake vs. Burroughs documenatary on Flo


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Has anyone seen this yet? I watched with anticipation thinking it would help build up the hype with the 2021 Olympic Trials series @ Penn State with these two. Was excited to tune in and watch it, then walked away highly disappointed. Seemed to be very biased towards Dake...kept repeating OVER and OVER and OVER about the process of the long standing world team trials that have been in place FOR DECADES (where the winner of the US Open sits at the World Team Trials, while the others have to navigate through the min tournament all in one day). They mentioned it numerous times through the documentary how JB had the advantage of being rested, etc etc. Also they constantly mentioned about how JB always got the calls from the referees in numerous close matches over and over because he was "J.B.".

Seemed to take away from the potential of a great documentary, and came across as a whine-fest/love affair for Dake by Flo. Just my thoughts. Usually enjoy all the Flo films, but was wondering what other thought's were on this one?
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I watched it, and for the most part enjoyed it. I basically enjoyed it because I like wrestling, I like backstory, I like inside information about its participants, and well, it’s wrestling.

However, when I stepped back and considered the film, it’s timing, the content in context and the production/directing/screenplay, it was a bit of a head-scratcher.

We are amid major uncertainty as to whether wrestling will actually occur anytime soon. Moreover, we’re nearly 12 months from when these two should face-off again. Ultimately, the attempt was to prime an audience with zero ability to have a payoff.

Also, to me, there is one of two driving forces for this film, all stemming from the ambushed interview on Flo with JB as a guest and in pops Dake. (A move I feel was unfair to JB - the torch carrier for the men’s team for the past near-decade. 100% front man. But he’s a big boy; I’m sure he can take it.) The first driving force is that Flo was already working on this film but with ZERO wrestling going on, needed something to help make the film relevant. Have the interview, spring Dake into the group, and BAM! everyone’s talking about the two, making the release of the film watchable.

The second driving force theory is that of a reactionary position. The interview occurs, Dake arrives, both start jawing and shortly thereafter someone at Flo pitches the idea and they run with it.

Either way, I think having Askren as a part of everything helped the end game. I’m positive he’s learned a thing or two about hyping something during his time in MMA.

The last thing that was a bit weird to me was Bratke’s role in the FloDoc. He seemed to be similar to those Home Renovation videos on YouTube in which there is a clear star (in this case Pyles) and a second person who smiles, nods, and adds the occasional, “Yeah.” Or “I agree.” (Quarantine life had me redoing my basement and prepping for a shed. Logged MANY of hours on YouTube.) One last part of the production/screenplay was - do you really think I want to watch two people look at a computer screen? Reminds me of EVERY get-together with family or friends nowadays. How long before everyone has their nose buried in their phone, not talking to each other or - as it is in this case - everyone huddled around a screen to see a pic or vid. Oh, and stay off my lawn please! 😉

Just my thoughts. I miss wrestling. ✌🏻
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