Avenatti release documents alleging Nike paid families of college basketball recruits


Go Buckeyes
Attorney Michael Avenatti, facing federal extortion charges against Nike, continued to release additional information this weekend against the shoe company that alleges widespread payments to the families of top high school basketball players in a manner that appears, on the surface, to be similar to what caused an Adidas executive and a consultant to be convicted of fraud last year.

The documents allege evidence of approximately $170,000 in cash delivered to people connected to top players, including Deandre Ayton, Bol Bol and Brandon McCoy. Some of that money, the documents allege, was billed to Nike through bogus invoices disguised as business expenses.

Avenatti also suggested on Twitter he had proof Nike was paying Shaondra Sampson, the mother of Zion Williamson, for “consulting services” while Zion was still in high school. The payments, according to Avenatti, came through Nike’s vendor portal and began in 2016.
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