Aurora celebrates 102nd birthday of Tuskegee Airman.


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Note: we should also remember that while the pilots received much
of the glory ~ the ground crews that kept them flying were African-
American also.

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The Airmen were trained for deployment to 2 groups
a fighter group (AKA the Red Tails) note the the black panther on there emblem
and a B-25 Mitchell bomber group


After WW-II the group was stationed at Lockbourne Air Force Base
just South of Columbus, Ohio.

The Tuskegee Airmen will be again honored next year (2021) when the
U.S. Mint issues a commemorating quarter.

The Tuskegee Airmen ~ 1995 HBO television movie

Red Tails ~ 2012 20th Century Fox film

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58 - Pilots from Ohio (Hometown)...
Brooks, Sidney P. (Cleveland)
Cain, William L. (London)
Cousins, Augustus (Toledo)
Cowan, Edwin T. (Cleveland)
Cross, John W. (Cleveland)
Darnell, Charles E. (Dayton)
Davis, Sylvester S. (Cleveland)
Doram, Edward D. (Cincinnati)
Doswell, Andrew H. (Cleveland)
Edwards, Jerome T. (Steubenville) - brothers
Edwards, Johne E. (Steubenville) - brothers
Garrison, Robert E. (Columbus)
Golden, Newman C. (Cincinnati)
Green, Paul L. (Xenia)
Guyton, Eugene L. (Cleveland)
Harris, John S. (Xenia)
Hathcock, Lloyd S. (Dayton)
Hicks, Arthur N. (Dayton)
Jackson, Charles L. (Circleville)
Jackson, Frank A. (Youngstown)
Jamison, Clarence C. (Cleveland)
Jenkins, Stephen S. (Columbus)
Jones, Beecher A. (Chillicothe)
Jones, Major E. (Cleveland)
Jones, William M. (Columbus)
Kimbrough, Benny R. (Cincinnati)
Knight, Frederick D. (Columbus)
Lane, Earl R. (Wickliffe)
Lawrence, Edwin B. (Cleveland)
Leahr, John H. (Cincinnati)
Liggins, Wayne V. (Springfield)
Lynch, Lewis (Columbus)
Mann, Hiram E. (Cleveland)
Mason, Theodore O. (Cadiz)
McClenic, William B. (Akron)
McIntyre, Herbert A. (Cleveland)
Neblett, Nicholas S. (Cincinnati)
O'Neal, Walter N. (Cleveland)
Parker, George (Youngstown)
Porter, John H. (Cleveland)
Prince, Joseph A. (Dayton)
Proctor, Norman E. (Oberlin)
Ross, Mac (Dayton)
Sawyer, Harold E. (Columbus)
Scott, Wayman E. (Oberlin)
Sherard, Earl S.(Columbus)
Smith, Eugene D. (Cincinnati)
Spicer, Cecil (Greenville)
Thompson, James A. (Cleveland)
Walker, John B.,Jr. (Canton) <=== McKinley Alum
Washington, Samuel L. (Cleveland)
Westbrook, Shelby F. (Toledo)
White, Ferrier H. (Oberlin)
White, Vertner, Jr. (Cleveland)
Williams, Charles I. (Lima)
Williams, William F. (Cleveland)
Williams, William L. (New London)
Young, William W. (Oberlin)

Akron = 1
Cadiz = 1
Canton = 1
Chillicothe = 1
Cincinnati = 6
Circleville = 1
Cleveland = 17
Columbus = 7
Dayton = 5
Greenville = 1
Lima = 1
London = 1
New London = 1
Oberlin = 4
Springfield = 1
Steubenville = 2
Toledo = 2
Wickliffe = 1
Xenia = 2
Youngstown = 2

Note: Pilots only / does not include: support / admin / ground personnel