At least 8 dead in boat fire off California coast


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ive people were rescued and eight bodies were recovered after a boat erupted in flames off the coast of Ventura County early Monday morning, prompting an ongoing search operation for more than two dozen people who remained missing, authorities said.

The 75-foot Conception was anchored about 20 yards off Santa Cruz Island when the scuba diving vessel caught fire about 3:15 a.m., said Mike Eliason, a spokesman for the Santa Barbara County Fire Department.

Multiple agencies responded to the scene, where five crew members who jumped overboard were rescued by a good Samaritan's pleasure craft, according to the U.S. Coast Guard. One of the rescued individuals suffered a broken leg.

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I would assume the crew would on deck or their sleeping quarters would be in a different area closer to the controls.
It does seam odd that a fire could start that quick and cover both exits before smoke detectors, fire extinguishers could would think at-least several would escape unless there was something very bad done intentionally. I heard the boat recently passed inspection?
I would think interviews with the crew should reveal something that somehow explains how this could have happened?


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Been a boater my whole life. Sounds like a gas/diesel leak in the engine room. Finally hits a spark and bam. Happened to two boats at my marina this summer. All vessels with internal engines have blowers that you are supposed to run prior to starting for this very reason.


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I wouldn't condemn the crew yet until they investigate. A wall of flames between them and a door certainly would make it difficult to launch an evacuation. Problem with boats and lower deck like this is it is like you can have an emergency exit out the side. This is certainly an excursion I would never go on. I'm too claustrophobic and usually aware in any building I go in the means of emergency egress.