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Using rosters from Hudl and max Preps as I usually do

Yesterday I made the drive to Parkersburg West Virginia to catch the football game, at Parkersburg Catholic and visiting Calhoun Red Devils.
I was informed that this was a historical event because the Crusaders had not played a home game, at the school, ever. So if this information is correct, one can say I was part of history.

Ty Sturm would kick things off for a sixty six yard run, then a two point conversion run from Jeb Boice, we had an 8-0 game, in favor of the home team, with 9:53 left in the opening quarter.

Strum would should his versatility, when he was able to take down fullback Justin Mounts, who is listed at 6-0 240. Strum goes 6-1-190.
After getting the ball back the Crusaders would get a nice seventeen yard gain from Boice, who avoid several arm tackles as he ran to his left.
The drive came to an abrupt ending when #1(NOT ON THE ROSTERS) for Calhoun picked off an ugly pass by Xavier Collie, at the 5:45 mark of the quarter. Thanks in a large way by Wade Smitley stuffing of Kyle Persinger, for a seven yard loss, the Red Devils drive ended quickly.

Before the quarter came to an end the Crusaders would get a twenty one yard from Boice and a twelve yard run from Sturm.
The Crusaders opened the second quarter, up facing a fourth and goal from the eight yard line, and they elected to go for it. The call was very good, but the execution left a lot to be desired. Ethan Lang, a 6-4 receiver was wide opened in the end zone but the throw by quarterback Xavier Collie was way to high.

The Crusaders offense was right back at it a short time later, due to the fact their defense continued to play lights out.
Boice was able to pick up twenty yards as he broke to his left, ran through several arm tackles on his way.
But this drive ended shortly after as the Red Devils defense rebounded nicely.

With 7:43 left in the half #61(NOT ON THE ROSTERS) for the Crusaders sacked the quarterback causing a fumble, that was recovered by Strum, giving the home team the ball and a first down Only two plays was needed for the Crusaders to light up the scoreboard for the second time. Strum would break to his right, avoid several would be tacklers, then go sixteen yards for the score. Boice would convert the two point run as he easily broke two tackles, to make this a 16-0 game, with 6:58 left in the half.

Another sack by the Crusaders help end the next Red Devils drive without any damage being done. Getting this sack was Jalen Brunny.
After getting the ball back Parkersburg Catholic needed just five plays to go forty nine yards for its next score.Strum did the honors by racing in from twenty eight yards and again, he easily broke some weak arm tackle attempts.Collie to Lang on the two point conversion pass made this a 24-0 game, with 2:29 left in the half.

The Red Devils came out on their next series throwing the ball and did so with nice results.
First there was a thirty two yard completions from Adam Parsons to Kyle Persinger, then a thirty yard touchdown reception to #849NOT ON THE ROSTERS) to make this a 24-6 game, a two point try failed, when Parsons was stuffed short of the goal line.

Strum would add twelve more yards to his total but the half came to a close before the Crusaders could do anything else on the drive.
As expected the undefeated team was dominating the one win team, as both squads headed to the locker rooms.

To start the third quarter Strum and Boise took turns picking up chunks of yards, with the help from their linemen and several broken arm tackles. The ten play, sixty five yard drive came to a climax, on a one yard plunge by Boise. Strum added the two point conversion run, making this a 32-6 game, with 7:25.

When the Crusaders defense came back onto the field, Brunny and Nick Erlewine recorded sacks.

The Crusaders defensive line was able to overpower the Calhoun offensive line all day and as the score got wider and wider, the domination grew more and more. I won't say that the offensive line quit, but will say they were just out muscled and better prepared.

Boise would gain seventeen yards before scoring once again on a one yard run. This time the Crusaders opted to kick for the point after giving Clayton Dexter a chance to show off a very strong foot. The kick made this a 39-6 game, with 2.36 left in the third. I am not sure why Dexter does not kick more point after kicks because the kid looked very good, when he did kick.

Before the third ended Jesse Kargol made an outstanding catch, when he stretched as far as a human could to bring down the pass.
Overall there were times Adam Parsons threw some pretty passes for the Red Devils, but his receivers failed to bring them in. I had six different times mark down in my notes, where passes should have been caught, easy catches that were dropped. I would think the Calhoun staff is going to be working those players very hard this coming week, when it comes to catching the ball.

The fourth quarter was played with the clock running and as it often does it flew by.
Some plays of note to me was, A sack by Brunny to stop a fourth down try by the Red Devils, at the 11:37 mark.
The Crusades ate up much of the quarter on a thirteen play. eighty six yard drive, that ended on a ten yard run off of a pitch by Boise. The point after kicked was boomed true to make this a 46-6 game, with 5:48 left in this one-sided affair.
Calhoun got one final big play, when Kargol galloped to a thirty five yard gain.

Unofficial Stats
50 Plays
174 Yards
Passing 9-23

Parkersburg Catholic
61 Plays
484 Yard
Passing 4-11 1 INT

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