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I am using the Rosters from maxpreps and Hudl.Any mistakes can be contributed to those supplying maxpreps with their roster.

My five game trip in Pennsylvania began with the battle between Westinghouse and Brasher.
Being this was my first Pittsburgh City Football League game, I really was not sure what to expect.
As the National Anthem played only 12 of the 25 fans on the home side stood, I was one of them.
I always find this odd, because most of the time, those, who are not standing can never say just why.

Now let's get to the game, that turned out to be a solid contest between two teams, that seemed very evenly matched.
Just nineteen seconds into this one, Westinghouse found themselves in a third and long, when quarterback Cameron Jones would drop back to pass and find Leonard Hall for a twelve yard gain and a first down. On third and one Tyree Jackson would stop Westinghouse running back Eryk Burgess for no gain, bringing up a fourth and one.

The game was scoreless until the 3:35 mark of the opening quarter, that is when Westinghouse punter #56 Willie Knight muffed the snap, allowing the ball to hit the ground at the seven yard line and that is where Tyree Jackson picked it up and waltzed into the end zone. The point after kick from #15(NOT ON THE ROSTER)was good, making this a 7-0 game.

The teams would trade interceptions late in the period, First Cameron Jones would be picked by Matt Smith, who took the ball back to the Westinghouse thirty.Eleven seconds later Westinghouse #10(NOT ON THE ROSTER) would pick off Max Townsend in the end zone and take it out to the four yard line. That would lead to a fumble on a punt by Knight in the end zone and then be tackled for a safety by Louis Calhoun, making this a 9-0 game.

Westinghouse would get a nice defensive play from # 55(NOT ON THE ROSTER)when he got to Anthony Carrington for a loss of eleven yards, at the 11:10 mark of the second quarter. Townsend would connect with DaQuay Brown for a twenty eight yard score just :47 seconds later to increase the lead to 15-0, A two point conversion pass to Matt Smith made it a 17-0 Brashear lead. The touchdown was set up by an eleven yard pass to Brown, with fifteen yards being tacked on due to a penalty on the Bulldogs.

The Bulls defense would step up for two nice plays in a matter of thirty seconds, with the first being a Louis Calhoun tackle for no gain on a run by Cameron Jones. Then a double reverse by the Bulldogs resulted in short loss, when Rondale Hines tackled Jones in the backfield.

A fumble by the Bulldogs was recovered by Kevin Smith of the Bulls, at the 4:27 mark of the quarter.
The recovered fumble led to a twenty four yard touchdown catch by DaQuay Brown. The point after kick would make this a 24-0 game, with 2:29 remaining in the half.

The Bulldogs would show a little bark, when Jones found #26(NOT ON THE ROSTER) for a 72 yard catch and run score. A bad snap led to the point after kick becoming a run that was stuffed, leaving this a 24-6 score.

The two teams would trade sacks in the last twenty seconds of the half.
Getting the sack for for Westinghouse was Deandre Taylor and for the Bulls it was Darron Glenn.

Defense ruled most of the third quarter as both teams seemed determined not to give the other much as far as offense goes, but before the gun sounded to end the quarter Bulldogs would go sixty eight yards, on fourteen playss and then convert a two point conversion, bringing the score to 24-14.

Tyree Jackson would stop Jones for a one yard gain,when the Bulldogs quarterback was forced to run, with 7:24 left in the third.
One minute later Jones would scramble again, but this time he gained eleven yards.
Eryk Burgess would pick up twenty six yards on a fine run to give the Bulldogs a first and goal from the two. Things went downhill from there for the Bulldogs, a sack by Kevin Smith put the ball back to the six, with 5:07 left in the quarter. The long fourteen play, sixty eight yard drive came to an end, with a twenty three yard run from Burgess, then after a dive from Malik Harris on the two point conversion, we had ourselves a 24-14 game, with 4:08 left.

The fourth quarter would see the Bulls defense start strong.
First, there was a sack by Tyree Jackson, then a interception by Carrington.
The Bulls defense seemed a little made about the two scores they had given up and looked bound and determined not to give up anymore.

Facing a third and four, with 8:50 left in the contest,Matt Smith would jitterbug his way to a five yard gain on a sweep, to move the chains.
But the drive ended soon after, with the Bulldogs defense, refusing to give up.

After getting the ball back the Bulldogs quickly found themselves in a fourth and three situation, where they were forced to go for it. The Bulls defense would stop Jones just short of the first down marker, with just 5:19 left.

The highlight of this one came at the 3:32 mark of the final frame, when #15 (NOT ON THE ROSTER) for the Bulls banged a forty yard field goal, that would have been good from about fifty yards. This would make the final score 27-14.

There would be three more plays of note before the final gun sounded.
First there was a sack by Kevin Smith on Jones, as the Bulls defense continued to play well.
Then a Jones fumbled was recovered by the Bulls Maurice Dumas Jr.
The final play of note was a twelve gain by Carrington on a direct snap, as the Bulls showed a little something different.

Unofficial stats.
46 plays
108 Yards
Passing 7-16 2 TD'S 1 INT

67 Plays
240 Yards
Passing 6-13 1 TD 2 INT'S

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