AOC gets help from Matt Walsh


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I know this is off subject of this thread but I did not want to start another and this one is about AOC and she is the person I want to comment about. I read a short article and I think it got me thinking like a liberal or at least like AOC does. She insists that if we want less crime we need to build fewer jails. her words Ideas and reasoning, not mine. So thinking like her I think if we want to have fewer traffic accidents all we have to do is start driving faster, that way you get to your destination quicker and are spending less time on the roads and therefor you have less time to be in a accident. A sign people are sick might be how full hospitals are, so a solution if you think like AOC is build fewer hospitals. Fewer Hospitals, fewer patients, see no sick people problem solved. Why did it take AOC to get me to see how easy it is to solve big problems.