Any info on Upper Arlington?



Just wondering if anyone had info on Upper Arlington's team for this coming 20-21 season.

Not looking for any dirt, just an assessment of the team and it's returning lineup.


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Here are the projected weights I received for their top returnees:

120 – Jake Thomas
126 – George Orlando
132 – Ayden Boothby
138 – Jacob Shanklin
220 – Jake Badgeley


Solid team, among the better ones in Central Ohio (i.e. in the hunt for 2nd best behind Dublin Coffman). they just lack the top end talent that can make their way toward an "on the board" position in the individual state tournament.


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Should be solid but lost some very good seniors. No way will they be as good as they were last year. jmo

These guys will be missed:
Beam- 2 time SQ
Bowers- 3 time SQ
McHugh-1 time SQ
Pearson- 4 Year starter, 2 year captain
Soghomonyan- 2 time SQ
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