Any girls tournaments still on?


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Watkins Memorial has a MS and HS girls tournament on 12/29
Delaware may still be on 12/19
Rossford is supposed to have one, but not sure of date. (You will need to reach out to the school)


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The only one I know that is still on is Ridgedale (1/23). Most of the other ones have been turned into quads. Hayes: Hayes, Lutheran West, Marysville and Harrison (12/19). Lutheran West "Lady Longhorn": Lutheran West, Olentangy Orange, Mentor and Minerva (12/30).

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Saw that Delaware middle school tourney may still be on
The 12/19 one I was referring to was indeed cancelled. There is another MS girls meet in Delaware on Saturday but as I understood the email it was just a dual meet, but I could be wrong. My daughter cant attend because of another sport commitment so I didn’t read it thoroughly.
There were still a handful of tournaments this year even with Covid. Many events turned into Quads. Scheduling a bunch of Quads was probably the best plan. Scheduling was tough with COVID this year...and building new programs....and getting AD's on board (ours has been great so far)....and managing conflicts between boys and girls schedules...

Dec 5 - Western Brown Pools
Dec 23 - Shelly Ruberg Classic (pools)
Dec 29 - Watkins Memorial Middle School only
Jan 17 - Heart of Ohio - HS and Middle School
Jan 23 - Ridgedale Pools
Jan 30 - West Union Pools