Anthony Davis is better than Lebron James


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Why does everyone act and talk like Lebron is better.Anthony Davis scores more than Lebron.

Anthony Davis has a higher average of field goals.He is a better rebounder.He is 2nd in the League in blocked shots.He is a better defender than Lebron.In fact he might be the best defensive player in the League!

He is a better free throw shooter.He is a good 3 point shooter for a big man.

This is NOT Lebron's team.Why does everyone act like it is?
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Lebron is better than Anthony Davis.They both score the same BUT Lebron leads the League in assists!

He is also 2nd in the League in rebounding for PG's! He is like a QB out there on the floor,really like a coach out there!

Lebron makes others on the team better players.He is the King!


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But Westbrook scores more than Anthony Davis and gets more assists, so he's better than AD and Lebron.
AD is the better defensive player,and blocks more shots.AD is the better rebounder.

AD has a better FG% and is a better 3 point shooter! Westbrook turns the ball over more.

AD is by far the better player.


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C'mon. LeBron can still take over a game like nobody else in the NBA can. If he wanted to be selfish, he could easily average 40ppg and 10+rpg.