Another Pit Bull kills a child.


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Re German Shepherds (and possibly almost any other large breed), I'm guessing they make the list because of poor training, inappopriate training, mistreatment, etc.. I also love them as a breed. Every one I've met has approached me correctly and made nice. But one day I just may run into one that doesn't .......

Anyone here have contact with a Cane Corso? No idea of their temperament, but man, they are impressive-looking.
I have an eleven month old Cane Corso. Pic is him at around eight months. He’s been to Puppy class, obedience one and obedience two classes and has good citizenship canine certification. More classes to come. They are great with “Their People “ - very sweet and right next to you. Not good with strangers per se even if very well socialized from eight weeks when we got him. Natural instinct is to protect. They take about eighteen months to mature compared to most dogs maturing around a year.


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So....I see democrats buying up every pit bull there is and create breeding farms. Woman doesn't want her baby and cannot get an abortion so ... newborn in a room smattered in beggin strips with a pit bull and bam ...ya have what they desire....dead babies.


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FFS, The father of the two kids killed in Tennessee referred to their pet pit bulls as the "House Lions."

TRAGICALLY, I think he was right.


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2 more kids killed. Tennessee.

Family pets for eight years?
The pets, Cheech and Mia, were a part of the family for more than eight years without a violent incident, Kelsey Canfield — best friend of Bennard — told Fox News Digital.


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"There's no such thing as bad dogs, only bad owners" is a phrase I've heard all too often in defense of this breed. At one time I myself actually believed that - that Pitbulls were misunderstood, and the majority of Pitbull attacks were the result of abusive owners who wanted "tough" dogs. Then my family got a Pitbull whom we raised from a puppy like all our other dogs. He was sweet and lovable, until he wasn't. I went to visit my mother shortly after my dad died, and when I went into the backyard to see the dog, he tried to attack me. I later did a study on dog attacks in college and found that something like 67% of all dog attack deaths were reported as Pitbull attacks. That leaves only 33% of all other deaths to be divided up amongst all other dog breeds, including the two other "tough dog" breeds (Rottweilers and German Shepherds) whose attacks are the result of "bad owners". It's just so sad that so many people put "the poor misunderstood" Pitbull ahead of their own children's safety, and don't learn the truth about that breed until it's too late.


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The people that defend and promote this particular breed of dog simply don’t care about others!! The looney left in many cities have done away with Pit Bull Bans showing everyone they simply don’t care either!!