Andy's Bar & Grill, Perrysburg


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Some folks I know are going to the Archbold @ Lake game this Friday and want to know about Andy's B & G on 795. Any of you Toledo area guys have an opinion, or another place?


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May take them out of their way but Doc Watson's on the corner of Byrne and Glendale in Toledo has the best grilled cheese west of Lakewood.


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When I lived in Perrysburg there was a small bar beside the railroad tracks, served a great Liver and Onion dinner on Sunday.


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Their recent yelps are not too friendly but can't say I've been there myself.

I'm not exactly sure their best path in but thinking maybe Cocina de carlos on 23 might be a recommendation. There are a ton of choices on 20. Chik-Fil-A and Five Guys, both quick access to 795.