Akron U next coach?


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The Northwestern win was nice but the body of work sure doesn't reflect the football talent within a 100 mile radius. CMU just got what I suspect will be a nice hire that will know what to do with all their Michigan recruits. Akron needs the same. ND Ohio is deep into the play-offs. Mt. Union is deep into the play-offs. NE Ohio won the top three state divisions, the fifth, the sixth, and in the final of the fourth.

Toledo did well poaching from the lower divisions. There has to be a coach somewhere in that mix, for Akron.

Sig Hansen

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Terry Bowden was one of the stranger football hires in recent memory. Seemed odd from the start when he took the job


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I wonder how much his inability to recruit Ohio had to do with this. Akron has a new push to recruit in state players. The administration probably looked at his recruiting history and figured they needed to bring in someone with more interest/ties to local programs.

While this doesn't tell which were recruits and which were walk-ons, the program was dominated by out of state players until this year:

[B]2018 Roster[/B]

[B][U]Player Year	Non-Ohio	Ohio[/U][/B]
First		8		15
Second		20		13
Third		12		4
Fourth		14		11
Fifth		10		3
University of Akron to focus on recruiting athletes from Ohio to gain more state funding

No one wants to eliminate athletics, but there has to be a way to cover more of the cost, Wilson said.

"Football - look at the ledger - we are bleeding," he said. "If we have Ohio kids in our classroom as opposed to recruiting from out of state, you get money from the state."

Public four-year colleges receive a subsidy for every Ohio resident who graduates and funding for course completion for in-state undergraduate students, Ohio Department of Higher Education spokesman Jeff Robinson wrote in an email.
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I think Akron would be best served by going with a hot coordinator w/ Regional roots and allowing it to be stepping stone type gig, that formula seems to work fine for Toledo. If tOSU doesn't go after Marcus Freeman as a DC I would speak to him about this job.


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Bowden may have been an odd fit, but he did get the Zips to bowl games in 2 of the last 3 years and the Mac title game last year, so comparative to the previous regimes I’d say he was a success and the program is in much better shape than when he inherited it. But it’s probably time to move on, I doubt they’d get to any higher level with Bowden