Akron City Schools Cancel Fall Sports


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There are several schools starting late, like St Charles. Ignatius too. ANd another list playing in October.

Have heard of no Spring football plans yet. Could be what Columbus, Akron and Cleveland opt for.


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I wonder if the board got some bad news on COVID spread on the APS teams. The county health board has stated that a number of teams in the county had positive tests and I wonder if they might have been city schools given the timing. I was coincidentally near a city series team as they assembled to practice last week and I would not be surprised as not even the most minimal of efforts were being made.

Shame for the kids, especially those whose last chance of being found by a college program was this season.

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Not so sure what Green (Akron) or Orange (Pepper Pike) are up to
Green originally postponed their season until October 2nd, and the Federal League made their schedules without them. However, Green later changed their mind, and is now trying to assemble an independent schedule. Here is what they have so far:

9/4 HOME vs Talmadge
9/11 HOME vs Westlake
10/2 AWAY vs Lake

Conditional Games Scheduled after playoffs

10/16 AWAY vs GelnOak
10/23 HOME vs Jackson
10/30 AWAY vs Hoover
11/6 AWAY vs Louisville

Source http://www.joeeitel.com/hsfoot/teams.jsp?teamID=670&year=2020


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I caught a touchdown in that stadium! Sure, it was a 7-on-7 competition, but I don't have to tell my children that.
Played there twice in college in the early 80's. As a visiting team. Remember the students throwing ice cups as we came out from under the stadium locker room.


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I wonder if they will stick to their Week 6-10 conference schedule they planned, declining the playoffs. (Those schedule are on Schedules post in this forum)

Alternativly they could start in week 4 or so, then go into playoffs, then resume conference games once eliminated from playoffs. Many teams have already scheduled for that scenario.


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The best teams have already lost some of their best players. They could all have a more complete season by playing their own schedule and skipping the state playoffs as their state playoffs could be limited to a single game. In any event, I can see a scenario where they get shut down early for positive tests.


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Once the decision was made, several athletes have moved on to practicing for other sports (track, baseball, etc). I also thought it was odd that many of the Akron youth football leagues kept playing, while varsity sports were shut down.


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I say someone get all the city kids organizing and hold double header games at the Rubber bowl...that'll show them.
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