Akron area Taco Bell closes dining room after workers don't show up for work


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An Akron are Taco Bell closed its dining room this weekend after some of its employees didn’t show up for work...


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The same thing happened at the Wendy's in Belden Village (Everhard Rd.) sometime in the late fall, and a similar sign was posted on the dining room door.

One can only hope that the location was understaffed due to illness of which there has been a lot going around lately. Otherwise, I have no problem with the employees' desire to explain the situation to their patrons. Who knows? The store may even attract a couple more reliable employees as a result of the publicity generated from posting the sign.
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Does not surprise me, the work ethic of today's youth is troubling.....
There are plenty of older people in that segment of the labor force that also struggle to display the basic labor skills. It has become difficult to fill many of these jobs to the point that some of these places can't even drug test anymore because of how much it would further shrink the pool of potential employees, so plenty of people who would've been deemed unreliable via drug testing are making the cut.

Also, the fast food joints aren't showing much willingness to pay more in order to attempt to attract better employees because they would then have to raise their prices which never fails to tick off the customers. Under the status quo, both the restaurants and the customers are getting what they are willing to pay for.


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What they need to do is figure out the specifics of their hiring problem and fix it.
Points taken about possible illness outbreak and not airing dirty laundry. Not sure of Akron's demographics, but central Ohio there is a definite labor shortage of folks willing to work in in general.

Part of that is the area is a victim of its own economic success - just not enough bodies to go around. Beyond that, I don't believe the pay rate makes much difference. I've seen employers in different fields hire people into entry-level career positions with full benefits - we're talking daytime hours here - and folks will just leave after a month or two because the job didn't fulfill them or something.

I'm with vamp2syd, there is a definite generational change in attitude toward work and responsibilities to any employer. I don't pretend to understand it, but it's there.


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A place in bellefontaine was having this issue in recent years. Some coffee place attached to an ice cream place. They would be either closed or just the drive through because no one was showing up for work


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And many of those restaurant jobs are part time anyway, you can't go to work for 4-6 hours? Fast food will continue to move to automation. You'll need a few people in the kitchen to prepare the food, but you'll order through kyosks and use a debit card to purchase. In the long run will be more efficient.