ACME resurrected sorta.


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Since 1960 there has not been many, if any, seasons that ACME baseball did not have a Brunswick involved in some fashion whether it be in the dugout or as a district representative.

One will be hard pressed to find a family who has dedicated more blood sweat and tears to HS baseball, spring and summer, than Lou, Tom, Mark and Scoop Brunswick.

They have been pioneers in the baseball scene in Ohio, teaching and educating kids on the fundamentals of baseball and i, personally, consider them the first family in Ohio HS baseball.

In 1960, a young Coach Lou Brunswick, along with a handful of other coaches, felt that there should be a way for kids to play ball in the summer so they created the ACME baseball league.

ACME at it's peak had around 160 HS teams in western, NW, Ohio, that allows kids to play for their town in June and July. Teams can get 25-40 plus games in the ACME season without the cost, travel and hassle of traveling all over the state and Midwest.

When I got wind that someone was attempting to bring ACME back after the Boomer Remover virus cancelled the summer season I knew the name that was going to be front and center.

While it obviously took more than just one person, I knew for certain one name that would instrumental.


This summer will look different, but at least there is going to be some semblance of baseball for these HS kids and fans to enjoy.

While I am proud to say I have been coached by, and/or with all four Brunswick's I am humbled to consider them friends as well.

All has not been lost this summer.

Thanks to all the coaches who made it possible this summer for kids to have something that is back to normal.

Now, let's Play Ball.
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Great news. When did Mark move back to Bellefontaine as coach. I thought he was at Marysville.


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Lima Senior posted their ACME schedule on their FB page yesterday. At least the kids can get in game reps.

Someone can help me out on this because its been 16 years since I coached baseball of any kind in Ohio BUT back in the early 00s I believe the OHSAA allowed the varsity head coach 10 summer dates in which to coach his players??? Is that still a thing??? If so I'm counting 10 dates on the LSH ACME schedule and that would take the burden off the head coach to find a summer coach in this situation.

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Caught my first ACME and JR ACME games today as Indian Lake visited Coldwater. Would say a couple hundred fans easy for the ACME game and then maybe 75-100 for the Jr ACME game that followed. Tremendous day for two games although a little cool if you sat under the overhangs in the bleachers.
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