A One Week Tournament for the OHSAA Softball Tournament?


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This could be done with or without a regular season...

Would you be in favor of a one week tournament for the OHSAA State Tournament for softball if lack of time became an issue?

I think the most games that a team would need to play would be 8. Playing double-headers on weekends could get those 8 games. Or playing 8 straight days.

I know this is extreme for HS softball but not that unusual for the number of games for a travel ball team. The tournament could start on June 5th and conclude on June 14th.


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Dewine is supposed to announce this week schools will not reopen this school year.

Districts are to start looking at 2021 instructional delivery changes that will include off campus internet based instruction and reduced on campus numbers.
Some options are males one day females another day or, certain grades on specific days. Sports will be affected well into next school year and there is another issue.... HS and College sports are going to fall victim to the economic meltdown and budget cuts of 20 to 50%...

Fox news had an article that came out this morning about colleges/universities that will start to announce the dropping of some or all sports programs due to budget cuts... U.C in Cincinnati has already announced last week men's soccer is done...

Sports as we have known it, may undergo changes that impacts the total high school experience especially for inner city and underprivileged districts.