A little lighthearted summer Top Gun fun!


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I got the following text from my son on Saturday.

Son: "I spy big man in the red hat!"


Me: "A rare sighting outside the month of January. Much-like catching a glimpse of Bigfoot away from his natural habitat!"


I noticed he is beefing up for this years top gun. Putting on some more weight and muscle. Anyone have his summer lifting program ?


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Was that from the infamous Texas Roadhouse by in the Alliance H.S./Mount Union area? Great between Saturday sessions eating spot for many years when I attended Top Gun.
Indeed it is!!

And to Penguin.....It's hard to imagine BMRH any more threatening and intimidating than he already is......but.....like many wrestlers, he is always looking to improve himself. Perhaps he is looking to redeem himself from the ONE time he was unable to remove someone from the floor. You remember.....he attempted to remove Rae McDonald and "Rae Rae" countered by giving BMRD a back rub with one of his many pre-match warmup tools.

Sadly.......BMRH was putty in Rae's hands.


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Rumor has it that it was BMRH that made fall sports happen this year. Word is that he went to Columbus.....told Mr. Dewine (who is already 2 feet shorter than BMRH) to sit down and then BMRH made little Mikey "understand".