9 Lane tracks in Ohio

Some time ago I think Baldwin Wallace had 10 lanes. This could have easily changed or they may have moved to a facility outside of their stadium at some point. NE Ohio people?

And Mansfield Mehock was 10 also wasn't it?


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The number of lanes a track has is only limited by your imagination. My dad had a very unlimited imagination.

Pretty sure BW is only 8... 1&2 Pee yellow, 3&4 poop brown, 5&6 pee yellow and 7&8 poop brown. Worst school colors ever!
Did they change the colors last time it was resurfaced?
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Is this being asked so we can figure out alternate places to have the state track and field meet so we can make more money no having to pay big rental fees? Would there be more attendance if it was 4 divisions with 1&3 on different days than 2&4. Would it draw more with 4 divisions like it is now but starting earlier and ending later? Could you even find a venue large enough to hold it with 4 divisions all on the same day? The OHSAA might be hurting and this might be the right time for the big thinkers to get together and show a proposal that has CC and track & field making more money. Help OHSAA save itself and make it a big win win.


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I know many have an issue with the Championships not being centrally located, but Spire Insitute has 10000 capacity - the same as Jesse Owens - and has nine lanes. It also has the adjacent indoor track that could be used for warming up.

The new owners are investing quite a bit of money into the whole facility and is actually in the process of purchasing more land nearby. There was some concern about it going away. The new owners at least appear to be genuinely giving it a real go and expanding things.

With regard to running big meets, Charlie Powell ran the Penn Relays for years.