2024 Massillon Tigers

If Nate answers. I mean you clowns had Nate doing everything from throwing his phone in the tusc to leaving the country the last time "there was a call made."
Noted. Or there simply wasn’t a “good date”… You nor anyone else believes that Ginn didn’t ask to play a Varsity game when we played you guys Fr. and JV. Not to mention Ginn reaching out to Coach T, Lombardo, Elder, and Upper Arlington. And please define clown, your life revolves around high school football and I’m assuming you don’t have a son on the team. In YOUR opinion, why do you think Glenville-Massillon hasn’t been scheduled for a V game during the 2023 and 2024 seasons?
Reno only plays us when he has the upper hand and thinks he has a chance to win. We would destroy them these days. Ain't happenin' brother.
The series was supposed to end in 2014 when Big Red dropped down to D4 and picked up Dover, but they ended up both having an opening in week 4 and ran it back. Big Red went on to make three consecutive state championship appearances following that awful 2015 game. But, yes, Massillon's 2022 and 2023 teams were fantastic, and D4 Big Red would not have been able to keep up.