2023 St. Ignatius Football


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I'm assuming no, but any schedule or site news? Mid March so starting to get into the scheduling desert time if nothing yet

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Dre'Mont Jones:

“I loved Ignatius,” he said. “The morals and values I took from Ignatius will always stick with me until the day I die. They embedded that tradition in their culture into my brain and into my soul, so I’m always kind of indebted to Ignatius in a way.”

He’s already heard from some fellow former Wildcats.

“I’ve had a few people hit me up, asking can I come back home,” he said.



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I’m taking a guess but I thought ignatius has a huge athletic sophomore, probably taking a defensive end spot. My guess

Leo Rick - a sophomore this year, 6'2", 265 lbs.
Played C and OG this past season on Varsity. Started several games when Lavelle was injured
His father may be Steve Rick '95, who was an OG and All-Ohio honorable mention

Will Conroy - a freshman this year, 6'3", 275 lbs.
Played OLine and DLine on the freshman team. Was moved up to JV (along with QB Peyton Frontino) during the season. Then both Conroy and Frontino were moved up to Varsity for the playoffs. Conroy may have seen playing time.