2023 Post-season interview with state champion Boyle County (Ky) head coach Justin Haddix


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Name: Justin Haddix

School: Boyle County

Position: Head Football Coach

Heading into the 2022 season, what were your biggest concerns?
We had to replace our top WR, two-time state champion QB, and LB. There were also some big losses on the LOS.

After spring ball and then two A days were completed, which player stuck out to you the most and why?
Montavin Quisenberry is a guy who came to us in July and was a playmaker. Sage Dawson is a starter at quarterback and a leader.

What did you learn the most from the 2022 season that will make you a better coach in 2023?
The 2022 season ended with a championship, but our players and staff adjusted every week to put us in position to win. either by kids playing new spots or whatever was needed to win. We had our 4-star DE sacrifice and play O-Line for us and go both ways. It really put our team over the top.
Which team in 2022 was the toughest to prepare for? Why?
Frederick Douglass was obviously a very talented team that ended up going undefeated and winning the 5A championship. well-coached and great athletes.

What were the high and low points of the 2022 season?
Losing a district game to Lexington Catholic in the 4th quarter and not finishing the game was the lowest. The highest is being in the victory formation on Kroger Field in the state championship game.

What was the number one goal you had set for the 2022 team, and did they achieve it?
It is always our goal to win a state championship and be the best team that we can be.

What will you remember the most from the 2022 class?
It was a group of winners. won three state championships and finished second in one.

What did you learn most about your players during the 2022 season?
The group had never lost to our rival and came back every time they got knocked down. That is what football teaches you, just like life. You are going to get knocked down. Learn from your mistake and get back up.

I have been told a coach never stops learning. So, with that in mind, what was the one lesson you learned from the 2022 season that will help make you a better coach in 2023?
Simply strive to be better at everything. Off-season workouts: our team's leadership abilities

Can you tell the readers which seniors from last year's team will be attending college and which colleges they will be attending?
We have a couple of players out of our 14 seniors who are playing college football. Tommy Ziesmer is going to Kentucky. Andrew Hardwick is going to the Army. We also have a few students going to NAIA schools in the area who are undecided at the moment.
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