2023 Post-Season interview with QB Zane Cartwright from Mayfield (KY) High School


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Name: Zane Cartwright

School: Mayfield

Class: 2024

Positions: QB

What was your number one goal you had set for yourself entering the 2022 season?
I wanted to win every game we played this year.

After spring practices and two A days, what was the number one goal you had set for the team?
As always, we wanted to win the state championship.

What did you learn about yourself during the 2022 season that you can use this season to become a better player?
By playing in a state championship, I gained experience that I hope will translate into next year's postseason games.

What were the high and low points of the 2022 season?
I think the highest point this season was heading into the final game of the year sitting at 14-0 and having just beaten a really good LCA team at home. A low point was Week 3, when our best defensive guy went down for the third year in a row.

During the 2022 season, excluding the state finals game, which road stadium did you enjoy playing at the most? Why was this?
I’d say playing our cross-town rivalry away in week one would have to be my favorite away game from this year; the first-game jitters are just unmatched.

What will you miss most about the 2023 seniors?
I’ll miss this group of seniors like crazy because I’ve played ball with most of them since third grade, and they were the heart and soul of our team this year.

Who was the best team Mayfield faced in 2022, and what made them so tough?
The toughest team we faced this year was Beechwood at state; they are extremely fundamental and have a very strong defense.

Who and which team did the best player, Mayfield, face last season, and what made him so tough?
Austin Waddell from Beechwood was the best linebacker I played against last year for sure; he was an offensive tackle, so he read blocking schemes very well and could move from sideline to sideline.

Which victory from last season meant the most to you? Why?
The win against LCA at home in the semis was special. It sent us back to the state championship for the first time since ‘19.

Can you share with the readers any colleges that have been recruiting you?
Right now I don’t have any colleges recruiting me but I’m hoping to get some recognition and recruitment this upcoming season.
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