2023 Post-season interview with Lukas Mullins RB/LB Madison Southern


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Name: Lukas Mullins

School: Madison Southern

Class: 2024

Positions played: RB/LB

What goals had you set for yourself heading into the 2022 season, and did you achieve those goals?
I wanted to improve upon our 2-8 season the year before, and we did that with a completely new staff.

Madison Southern went 3-8 in 2022. Which of the three wins meant the most, and which of the losses hurt the most?
West Jessamine was the most important win to me. It was in the district,and we were playing a very good quarterback in Jacob Jones,and we held him to less than 100 combined yards.

Which side of the ball do you enjoy the most? Explain.
I like defense more because it lets me show my athleticism and aggression towards the ball.

What did you learn about yourself that you can use to be a better player this season?
I’ve found another level of physicality in my game.

What will you miss from the 2023 class?
I’ve played with all those guys since 3rd grade, so I’m just going to miss being around them. They were pretty important to me.

Who was the best player Madison Southern faced last season? Which team did he play for, and what made him so good?
Collins QB Kenyon Goodin was very good; he was by far the shiftiest and most dynamic player we faced.

Who was the best team you guys faced last season, and what made them so good?
Southwestern was the best team we played just because of the energy and physicality they bring to every single play.

Looking back at all of the road games you played, which stadium did you enjoy playing at the most? Explain.
Lafayette's away game was the best; their student section and fans brought a ton of energy no matter how the game was going for them.

What is the best part of playing football for Madison Southern?
I’ve grown up watching Southern all my life and watching Damien Harris play, so just wearing the jersey and the pride that comes with it is the best part.

Can you share with the readers any colleges that have been recruiting you?
I’ve been talking to UPIKE. (Pikeville University)