2023 Post-season interview with head coach and A.D. Ed Dalton from McGuffey (PA)


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This one is big because McGuffey is my favorite team in this state.

Ed Dalton


Position AD/HFC

Can you kick this off by telling the readers where you have coached and the positions you have held?
I have been a HFC since 1988 at 5 schools: Purchase Line, Mount Pleasant, Altoona, Trinity Area, and now McGuffey.

Every team has new concerns with each new season. What were yours entering the 2022 season?
Consistency of play

After all the practices leading up to the first game of the season, which player or players stuck out the most? Explain.
For me, it is very hard to single out an individual player, but our quarterback, Phillip McCuen, really makes our offense go, so he definitely would be. Maybe the player with the most impact on what we do

Who was the best player McGuffey faced last season, and which team did he play for?
I would say Steel Valley, QB Cruce Brookins

What will you remember most about the class of 2023?
Their EFFORT each DAY

Which team in 2022 was the toughest to prepare for? Why?
Sto Rox has great foot speed and athleticism.

What were the high and low points of the season?
I think every day of coaching at McGuffey is a great day.

Is there any chance McGuffey will be facing any Ohio teams in the near future?
Probably not

Can you tell us which seniors from last season will be moving on to play college ball and list the colleges too?
Cody McKee, Cal U. Phillip McCuen, Colorado School of Mines, Isiah Dale Westminster