2023 Massillon Football

Rich Kotite

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They were more competitive when we played them several years back than Perry has been lately. Plus....none of our kids got stomped.
I've got to give that to you. The Zack Slates version of PTO football I watched in the playoffs at PBTS in 2022 was not good and I don't see it getting better. That Perry team would get waxed by Canton South and likely lose to CVCA and maybe even Fairless

Apparently they just can't see how bad it is...yet.

Rich Kotite

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Forest Evashevski was an amazing head coach of the University of Iowa in the 1950's and early 60's.

Iowa asked him to be athletic director after being head coach starting in the early 60's.

It began a prolonged losing era of Hawkeye football and many believe Forest Evashevski didn't want his replacements to succeed leading to nearly 20 losing years of Iowa football until Hayden Fry fixed things around 1981.

Bob Commings had to work under that mess and many believe he helped right the Hawkeyes ship just before Hayden Fry came to Iowa from SMU.

I don't believe Keith Wakefield went out of PTO on his true terms and there was a Forest Evashevski-like situation at PTO with Zach Slates. That program is a hot mess.

John Lee Pettimore

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What : NEO College football showcase

When : January 23rd 2023

Who : Current HS Sr's, Transfer Portal Players also welcome

Where : Paul L David Indoor Facility, 1 Paul Brown Drive

Why : Give college coaches one final chance to evaluate players.

Cost : $100


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I would love to see us play Lakeland…
With Hartson graduating so you think we will see a rotation at running back because from what I hear we should have many capable, or do you see a work horse emerging?
Lets push for a Lakeland vs Massillon 2023 matchup!! Battle of the orange and black. both teams have nice classic stadiums. Bryant Stadium and Paul Brown Tiger Stadium

ESPN 990

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Good luck to former Tiger Dean Clark on his move from Kent State to Fresno State.
Dean will be playing against his old teammates from Kent Sept. 23rd. He'll have two years of eligibility if he wants them. Schedule highlights include the season opener at Purdue, and Arizona State. Dean is a wonderful kid. Really intelligent, in the classroom and in the film room. High character. May this move lead to the NFL if that's what he wants, and I imagine it is.

I sort of cringe for Kent going forward. Maybe they'll be ok. But they lose their QB Collin Schlee to UCLA, Their best pro prospect OL Savion Washington to Colorado, their best receiver Dante Cephas to Penn State, their most explosive playmaker returner to West Virginia, and others. Heck, even their head coach, Sean Lewis, dove out the window to Coach Prime's 7-figure offer to be OC at Colorado. The MAC has talent in both the playing and coaching ranks. They just can't keep it, all the more so in this present transfer portal era.

pup pounder

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Wow! He could have a break out season next year. I wonder, do we have statistics for tight ends specifically? Prob not. It's great to see this program ccontinue to develop top notch talent.