2023 interview with 7 time state champion Assistant Coach Chris Mason Boyle County High School, Kentucky


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I first want to thank David Buchanan for getting me a chance to do this interview.

Name: Chris Mason

Could you list the places you have coached and the positions you held at those schools?
I coached at Boyle County High School from 1994 to 2014. I have been an O-Line Coach, D-Line Coach, Outside LB Coach, QB and RB Coach, Special Team Coordinator, and Offensive Coordinator.

Can you name a coach or two that you have learned the most from?
Chuck Smith, David Buchanan, Chris Pardue, Larry French, Jeff Hester, Mike Settles, Jerry Perry, Perry Thomas, and many more great coaches

How hard is it to leave one school for another?
Fortunately, I only coached at one school.

Are there one or two wins that stand out among the many you've coached? If so, could you tell us why?
All of the wins we accumulated at Boyle were special. We had kids that just weren’t going to be denied, and they worked their tails off to win.

Is there that one loss that can still get to you today? If so, which one was it?
The 2004 state championship game really stings, along with the 2008 semifinal loss.

How many state title games did you coach in, and how many of those did you win?
I was lucky and blessed to be a part of 7 state championships we played in 8 in my time at BCHS.

If possible, can you give the readers a few of the best players you have coached?
All the offensive linemen I was lucky enough to coach worked so hard to perfect their skills. Practices were much harder than games.

Who are some of the best players you have coached against?
Some of the best players I coached against were players from Central, Rockcastle, Corbin, Bell County, Hopkinsville, and Paducah Tillman.

What do you miss about coaching?
Coaches' meetings and preparation practices and locker rooms.

Could you give the readers an update on what you are doing today as far as work goes?
I am currently the assistant superintendent of the Marshall County school district in Western Kentucky!