2021 Boro Fan Almanac

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As always, no rankings will change. The only changes will be for errors in the dialogue or district assignments (to avoid misleading the audience).

Thanks to all the coaches, parents, wrestlers and whoever else helped me gather results during this unusual wrestling season.

Thanks! (y)


Great Job Boro this is always a great read! One item I saw, is you have the kid from Delphos St. John at 170 in Div 3 coming out of Garfield Heights, I do not believe they are traveling that far north for districts


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Clouse, Mohawk (220) will be exiting Rossford district. Therefor he should be an RO-2 not a KF-1. Just a minor error I saw.

Good work, Boro!


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You are the man. Thanks for all of the effort and time you put into this. Gives us something nitpick apart as parents, coaches and fans. It also gives the wrestlers something to try to attain. I often hear them mention the rankings. Amazing some of the numbers you have listed for accuracy.