2020 VASJ Vikings Football *Official Thread*

How will VASJ finish in 2020

  • 10-0

  • 9-1

  • 8-2

  • 7-3

  • 6-4

  • 5-5

  • 4-5

  • 3-6

  • 2-7

  • 1-9

  • 0-10

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Wow! I literally got on here tonight to eat crow for busting on Elvis after y'all won your first round game on the road and read this.

For those inside the Viking Village, tell us - how is this going to be received? Sowers did 2 years and was let go so Elvis could take over. Elvis was actually worse and 2 years later steps away. I know Elvis is an alum & favorite son, but . . . wow.


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I would say that Elvis' 16 months at VASJ were a complete success! He was able to run off 2 State Champion Head Coaches in Basketball & Volleyball. He also let many of the "Joe's Guys" back on his staff and that was clearly beneficial to the program and school. Let's be honest those guys did a remarkable job in terms of bringing kids in during their previous tenure. Certainly, far more kids than the Basketball or Volleyball Coaches.