2020 Uniontown Lake Blue Streaks

So are the Lady Streaks the early favorite to come out of the Massillon District and possibly make a run to their 2nd state title in school history? Who will challenge in the FED? Who will challenge in NE Ohio? Who will challenge at the regional and state level in D1?


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I don’t think there is ever a favorite in the Massillon District. Blue Streaks have a lot of talent but so do a few other teams in the Fed. Anyone out of Massillon can make a run... it’s the same ole same ole in the Fed and Mass district. Hoover is stacked with a bunch of young talent and are hungry. There sophomore pitcher is healthy this year and is getting D1 looks. Perry is Perry and will reload with a Junior(committed to CSU) and a freshman pitcher that are top notch. I’ll be interested to see there 1-9 lineup. Jackson always finds a way to put pressure on the top dogs and have a freshman pitcher that’s gonna raise some eyebrows. Lake should be the bully but nothing Is easy in the Fed. They are senior strong with 4 D1 commits, a D2, and a D3. They also have a Junior going D1 as well.
Thanks Dewey. Good stuff. I wonder who is supposed to be elite at the regional and state levels besides the team that comes out of Massillon?


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Best conference from top to bottom in the state. Who stays healthy. Who gets hot. Add in a little luck and there are 4 teams with a legit chance to win a state title.
Hope the spring weather in Ohio cooperates this year! March is usually cold and wet unfortunately. I know injuries and luck play a factor but who has the top talent and pitching returning around the region and state at the D1 level?
Who is the D3 signee?? I saw 4 D1 & 2 D2.